パンデミックの時でも在宅作業の生産性を維持する4つの方法 How to stay productive while working from home during the pandemic?





Hi, this is planner Lisa and it’s been a while!
We have been working from home since this February and the situation is still going on. There are a lot of things that we need to adjust during WFH, including working style, time management, and of course the communication with your team.


Remote work can be challenging for many of us because we have to stay productive as much as working in the office. It’s easy to lose track or mix up your private time with your work.
Since it’s my first time WFH, I will share about how I stay productive and manage my tasks during this ongoing period.

  1. ワークスペースを用意しよう
    Set up a workspace
  2. 日々のタスクをリスト化し、優先順位を付けよう
    Put your daily tasks on a list and prioritize them
  3. 時間管理をしよう
    Time Management
  4. コミュニケーションをとろう
  5. まとめ

Set up a workspace


Setting up a workplace can make you quickly enter the “working state” and tell your body and brain to start working. The best place to work is in the study room or studio at home. However, if you do not have these spaces in your house, you can simply just set up a good workplace by clearing out a table somewhere with enough sunlight or brightness and air circulation. Put only necessary office supplies on the desk and remove every item that might distract you. Also remember to avoid working on the bed or sofa because these places can be a huge distraction.

Make your daily tasks to a list and prioritize them

作業効率を向上させる1つの方法は、作業を開始する前にその日の作業目標を設定することです。作業負荷が大きい場合もありますが、最善の方法は、すべてのTo Do項目をリスト化してから、最も重要なことを最初に完了することです。ただし、一度に書きすぎないように注意しましょう。

One way to improve work efficiency is to set the day’s work goals before starting work.Sometimes the workload is a lot but the best way is to list all the to-do items, and then complete the most important things first. However, it is best not to write too many at once.


It’s very easy to procrastinate tasks without a manager or a supervisor to keep accountability.Since there will be only “YOU” during remote work, getting your tasks done within a timeline is very important.Find out tasks that are really important first, then put all your focus on that thing first instead of multitasking.

Time Management


The most challenging thing about working from home might be the time management since there’s no specific time for you to clock out. There are many tools that you can use to build your work cycle and keep you concentrate on a task at the moment. The tool I usually use is called “Focus Keeper.”This app is based on the Pomodoro Technique. You will be given 25 minutes to only focus on one task then you’ll get a 5 minutes short break after 25 minutes. You continue with the next focus time box until you finish all of your tasks. This tool really helps me to get my tasks done productively since I have to stay disciplined and keep my eyes on the time track during this time box.



Since you can’t meet your colleagues in person during WFH, communication has become harder than usual because everything has to be online or through text. The most common tool we use for meeting is Zoom. However, there are also a lot of tools for other purposes. For example, Miro for online brainstorming, Slack for team management and so on. These are all great tools to help the communication with your co-workers when you can’t meet them in person. We also held online drinking parties a few times to interact with each other. It was really fun and fresh for all of us.




Although it was hard to find the balance when we first started remote work, it was definitely a special experience for all of us in 2020. We don’t know when the pandemic will end but we do know that it is important to adjust a new working style as well as a new lifestyle. Even if you are not in the office, you can still know the other’s problems and can provide assistance at the right time. There are pros and cons of working from home; however, what we can do is to maximize the advantage as much as possible and create a working-at-home environment that is suitable for us based on our needs and habits.